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Submitted by Admin on 09 Aug 2011
Brain drain - the migration of talent across borders - touches the core of Malaysia's aspiration to become a high-income nation. Human capital is the bedrock of the high-income economy. Sustained and skill-intensive growth will require talent going forward. For Malaysia to stand success in its journey to high income, it will need to develop, attract and retain talent. Brain drain does not appear to square with this objective: Malaysia needs talent, but talent seems to be leaving.

Submitted by Admin on 21 Sep 2011
Corruption is inconsistent with the moral, ethical and religious values of the majority of Malaysian. It introduces procedural and financial complexities in the daily lives of the people, contributes to socio-economic imbalances and erodes Malaysia's value system.

Despite the efforts, however, Malaysia's performance has deteriorated - the ranking in the global corruption benchmark Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (TI-CPI) dropped from 23 in 1995 to 56 in 2009.

Submitted by Lee Jin on 04 Feb 2012
The Proposed Project involves construction and operation of a tolled expressway linking Kajang SILK Highway (E18) at the southern side to Karak Expressway (E8) at the northern side of the expressway. In the DEIA, it is stated that the proposed alignment would traverse Hulu Gombak, Ampang and Hulu Langat Forest Reserves for a total length of 18.5km, affecting an area of 214.7 hectares.

Submitted by Lee Jin on 17 Sep 2013
The 2008 global financial crisis has highlighted the huge economic and social injustice of the current financial system. This can be seen in the huge financial bailouts provided by Governments to banks to stabilize the financial system so as to prevent the failure of the economic system upon which the livelihood of everyone depends.

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